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Our major projects and events are listed below. Further details on courses, initiatives and activities can be found by visiting the centers, which you can link to here. The continuation of these activities relies on your donations. Click on which ever project or activity you would like to support below to make a donation. Thank you.

Buddhist Summer School

Healesville, Australia in January
Auckland, New Zealand 
in February

In disseminating Buddhist teachings in the West, Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche actively engaged in integrative dialogue with scientists, psychologists, artists and philosophers. Rinpoche was known for his remarkable ability to preserve the heart and profundity of Buddhist teachings, while opening minds to the ways Dharma can bring illumination and wisdom to the nuances of modern knowledge, dispositions and lifestyles. 

Begun in 1984 in Australia, we continue Rinpoche’s commitment to vibrant teachings for our times. The Annual Buddhist Summer School brings together distinguished Buddhist scholars, teachers and philosophers from the traditions of Theravada, Zen and Tibetan Buddhism as well as presenters and teachers from Western academic fields such as psychology and philosophy. 

Click here information on the Australian Buddhist Summer School at the Maitripa Centre in Healesville, Victoria. Click here for information on the  New Zealand Buddhist Summer School at Nyima Tashi Buddhist Centre, Ponsonby, Auckland


The Annual E-Vam Retreat

Crestone, Colorado USA

Annual retreats have been a feature of E-Vam’s curriculum since its inception.  The annual program was moved from upstate New York to Crestone, Colorado in 2016 to help create a bond with the thriving Dharma community in the beautiful Crestone area where the E-Vam land is situated. 

Each year attendees study traditional Buddhist text from the Kagyu and Nyingma traditions guided by the very learned Khenpo Lopzang Tenzin from Vajra Vidya Retreat Centre in Crestone.

For information about E-Vam’s annual retreat click here.

Email E-Vam at for more information.



Documentary Project

Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche: A Meaningful Life

This documentary project is making wonderful progress. 95% of the footage has been filmed. The editing process has begun and the many processes it takes to produce such a documentary are being drawn together.

This is an inspiring and important project. We encourage you to support this initiative with a donation.
About the Documentary:

Much of the footage was taken by professional film makers who filmed Rinpoche in many parts of the world – Tibet, America, Australia, Europe – as a public figure and includes intimate behind the scenes moments – traveling, shopping and leading a seemingly normal life, as he carried out his remarkable and diverse Dharma activity. Included will be interviews by his wife Traleg Khandro and Buddhist teachers and students from different parts of the world.

The story of a high Rinpoche born in Tibet who escaped the Chinese invasion of his homeland as a small child. Who was educated in India, Bhutan and Sikkim in the traditional manner for a high tulku within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Then at the age of 25 disrobed and travelled to Australia to continue his life as a Buddhist Teacher and householder.
His untimely death at the age of 57 and the subsequent recognition of his rebirth the 10th Traleg Tulku is a story that draws together the activities of a remarkable man who demonstrated what it is to lead a meaning life in the guise of both a modern man and traditional teacher of one of the most ancient religions of the world. This will be a moving, intimate and insightful documentary.
We estimate the documentary will be ready for release in 2020. Your contributions can ensure we meet this objectiveDonations within the United States are tax deductible. E-Vam Buddhist Institute is a non-profit charitable corporation with 501©(3) tax exempt status in the United States.

Shogam Hermitage Building Project

Crestone, Colorado USA

Rinpoche planned to develop a comprehensive Buddhist, multi-faith, and multi-disciplinary library in Crestone, Colorado as a key component of Shogam Hermitage.

Rinpoche envisioned this library as an opportunity for Buddhists, scholars, and practitioners to do serious study and meditation retreats on E-Vam’s property: 7 acres on a high plateau surrounded by the picturesque Rocky Mountains. His vision was to build a Bhutanese-inspired hermitage on the E-Vam’s land to provides a peaceful environment conducive to study, meditation, and contemplation; to develop an extensive library coupled with access to online databases and other resources to support in-depth study and research; and to provide private meditation areas and a meditation hall (gompa) for individual and group retreat, as well as simple, elegant accommodations for short-term and long-term stay.

Another important part of his plan was to ensure the centre built and sustained in an environmentally responsible manner. Donations are welcomed and essential to progress and complete the Shogam Hermitage building project.

Journal of Integral Buddhism

Soon to be released online for free.

A brand new initiative at E-vam USA is bringing to life Traleg Rinpoche’s vision for a journal that would fill a niche between inaccessible scholarly articles that are difficult to read for even an educated person outside the field of study, and a public-geared journal that might be lighter in depth.

Rinpoche’s teachings repeated brought in the term “Integral Buddhism”, referring to the fact that Buddhist practice must not simply be theory, but be integrated with our life, with our thoughts, words and actions, on every level.

Since Rinpoche’s passing in 2012, our sangha has endeavored to manifest his myriad visions, in the best way possible. For this Journal of Integral Buddhism, our goal is to solicit articles from scholars, thinkers, poets and artists to explore a theme or topic with Traleg Rinpoche’s vision in mind. The first journal “ Meditation as Medicine” will be available on the E-Vam website in 2019 and features a range of articles from experts from a variety of fields and disciplines.

The journal will be available to read on line and to download for free. Contributor guidelines will be found at the Evam website for future journals. Donate towards this project.