Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche IX developed his Centres in the West to provide opportunities to foster interfaith and interdisciplinary awareness of the wide spectrum of Buddhist views and methods, and Western disciplines including psychology, philosophy, medicine, and other arts and sciences; and to advance and preserve the philosophy and practices of both Kagyu and Nyingma lineages of Tibetan Buddhism.

E-Vam Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia

E-Vam Institute was the first Centre established by Rinpoche in the West. Begun in 1982 E-Vam is a dynamic and vibrant centre. E-Vam offers courses, retreats and conferences on various aspects of the Buddhist tradition from the perspectives of the main denominations. E-Vam has an extensive range of books available at Akshara Bookstore onsite. 

Maitripa Centre

Healesville, Australia

Maitripa Centre founded in 1997 provides a picturesque and peaceful environment for study and contemplation.  The Centre has excellent facilities for hosting live-in courses, retreats and conferences on interfaith, meditation, yoga, martial arts, philosophy, the arts and the helping professions. Surrounded by natural forests Maitripa’s spacious lawn areas, gardens and grounds are perfect for walks, relaxation and other outside activities. Maitripa has an onsite cafe and bookshop.

Nyima Tashi

Auckland, New Zealand

Nyima Tashi established on 2004 encompasses a refreshing and diverse approach to Buddhism. Nyima Tashi is uniquely positioned to provide a venue for a range of courses and activities, and is the perfect setting for urban retreat and study providing excellent accomodation facilities, a beautiful and spacious meditation hall, bookshop and onsite cafe.


Crestone, CO USA

Established in 2000 E-Vam Institute aims to provide opportunities for education across the many Buddhist traditions and more especially on the Kagyu and Nyingma traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. E-Vam’s main focus is the Shogam Hermitage Building Project on 7 acres of land in Crestone, Colorado. One of the main features of the planned Hermitage will be an extensive library to create a conducive environment for serious study and research in Buddhism and comparative studies, as well as providing facilities for group and individual meditation retreats. Find us on Facebook.